Colombo Institute of Theologians entered into a historical agreement with Global Academic Hub to promote the Bachelor’s in Islamic Studies (Hons.) degree program offered by Lincoln University College, Malaysia. The partnership with Global Academic Hub is significant in many ways as this is the first time a program of this nature is being promoted by an Academic Institute with due recognition from the UGC. We are confident this will be a stepping stone of a long journey which would eventually fulfill yesteryears expectation of many senior scholars and stake holders. This course will be offered in two different modules targeting the ones who have already completed and those who are amidst following the Aalim course in the Institute.

This importantly provides an opening for the learned scholars to choose and work on a career path while taking the sublime message of preaching as per the teachings of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sal). Course module consists of subjects which is already in the traditional madrasa curriculum.

There are two paths in this program.

Qualified Aalims

The qualified Aalim’s will have to take part in the top up program to qualify for the degree by fulfilling the University’s requirement i.e. work on 10 assignments and a thesis, duration will be 12 months.

New Students

New students will have to follow the 3-year calendar simultaneously with the institute schedule.

This programme  is currently offered only through Al-Aalim program.

This programme  is currently offered only through Al-Aalim program.