Every great mission has a humble and sincere beginning, with selfless individuals sacrificing their time and effort towards it.

The Colombo Institute of Theologians was established by the sincere vision of Maulana Cassim Sema: and the unwavering faith and determination of his dear student Sheikh Fazil Farook.

The story of the Institute starts in South Africa where Sheikh Fazil Farook after graduating from Darul Uloom – Newcastle, was advised by Maulana Cassim Sema: – a statement that is embedded in the heart of Sheikh Fazil till date- “Go back to your country, start the Mission, and spread what you have learned”.

The beginning of this mission was very humble, recalls Sheikh Fazil, “I remember we were given permission to start our institute at Nimal Road Masjid, so I called Maulana Cassim Seema: to pass the good news”. He was instructed by his teacher to call him from Masjid where they intended to start this humble journey. Sheikh Fazil did as he was instructed. He recalls with emotion and fondness of what his teacher Maulana Cassim Sema : said to him. “I will make dua for the success of your road ahead, you say Ameen” after which he proceeded to prolong invoking the blessing of Allah for the noble venture. Sheikh Fazil Farook also recollects the day he received a message from Mufti Rizvi saying that he was making dua for the future and success of the Institute whilst being close to the doors of the Ka’bah. These blessings and Du’as no doubt were major factors for the establishment of the institute.

We are indebted to the management of the Nimal Road, Masjid who enabled us to initiate this noble venture at the Masjid premises. And also, Al-Haj Najmuddeen, the person who undertook and bore the sole responsibility of financing the institute from its inception. We pray to Allah that he grants them true success in both worlds. Aameen.

The official inauguration of the institute was held on the 28th of June 2006, with seven students and a panel of teachers who carried most of the responsibilities towards guiding the still budding institution namely Sheikh Mua’dh Mahath, Mufti Shafeeq Jakura, Sheikh Ismail Issa (Nigeria) and Sheikh Saad.

The Blessings, and guidance of these scholars as well as the hard work and sacrifice put in to the mission at its initial stages, and above all the Help of Allah has made the institute what it is today.